Here's The Only Way To Get Really, Really Rich

The fact is you do not need to be very smart or have a great business idea to be very successful and rich. 

The playing field is now equal if you can see it and are willing to take advantage of it. In fact if you are just simply a regular employee, you got a better advantage than most high executive people.  

We hear about 97% of people are broke when they retired. We hear about 97% of people make below $250,000 a year. We hear about out of that 97%, 90% of them are way below $100,000 a year income bracket. In fact 70% of them  are way below

Why you should not get a job!

Recently, I read an article about why having a JOB is the last option you want have to make a living.

It is so true. I believe it is very important for me to share with you.

I am not bashing about people having a job or the employers. I just believe there is a better option and allow you to maximize your potential and enjoy a better reward in life.

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What Would You Do If You Were Limbless


I received this image from a friend and he asked me, “What would you do if you were limbless?”

I thought for a while but I have no answer. I went to internet to search for him, Nick Vujicic to find out who he is.

I found his story on Wikipedia and many other articles. Here I attached a link to Wikipedia,

What an inspiration. He was born limbless of arms and legs, got put down, attempted suicide and found his purpose in life and become an inspirational and motivational speaker to influence thousands.

I would think if I were born like him, I would most likely depressed and purposeless in life and never have a day of seeing the daylight, just like majority of people.  Most of us have perfect physical condition but always think much less of ourselves than Nick. I am no exception.

I encourage you to check out Nike Vujicic’s story, I believe one day it may serve an inspiration to you.

If you find him inspiring, please share.

Peng Teo

Wake Up from Your Dreams


I love this quote. Don’t you?

It is so simple yet powerful.

Every day you hear people talking about “living your dreams” but yet they keep doing the same thing each day.

One simply dreaming is not enough to get what you want. Action is what takes you there. It is common sense and everyone knows it.

But why when everyone dreams the ‘Big Dreams’ some never even come close to achieving it? Majority of people simply give up, or they simply do not even get it started at all. 

To achieve a dream requires a change. The very basic step is to simply do some things that are different than what you have been doing regularly. Unfortunately, people cannot get pass that very first step, let alone talking about the consistency and persistency, a self control attitude that is even tougher to establish.

There is nothing magic about it achieving a dream. It is definitely not a lottery thing, where you can just simply buy a ticket, do nothing, and you will hit the numbers next week.

“Wake up” is simply the very first step in achieving your goal. “Wake up” is to realize who you are, where you are and what you are doing now is not going to get you there – your dream, and requires you to make a change, take a different action, even if you feel uncomfortable, even when you feel like you are getting nowhere, even if you are being looked down upon, doubted and laughed at. 

A dreamer is always the one being laughed and doubted.

A real dreamer is the one who knows his direction in life. He knows his goals and he knows where he is going.

Are you a dreamer?

Are You Still Out Of A Job?


Are you still out of a job?

These days, there are still a lot of people out of the jobs.  They are many people looking for the jobs. I am wishing those who still out of job will find one.

Last week I ran into an old friend. A friend I knew since 1990. A friend who is now at his high 50 and had been laid off since 2008. He has been working for this firm since 1987.  The firm was down sized from 460 employees to about 160 in 2009. It is now probably regain some ground but still far from the peak time the firm has achieved in 2006.

My friend is still thinking he could be hired back by the same firm since he has been working for the firm all his life to help building up this firm from a 15 employees company since 1987 to 460 employees in 2006. He feels bitter that he has not been hired back.

I know his feeling and I sympathize with him. I was a partner of the firm and understood how a business was run. Most of companies are also taking this opportunity to reorganize, restructure and reposition the firm and stuff.  It may never have a position for him at all anymore.  

I know this may sounds harsh, but believe me, there is no such thing as job security as you think you have. There is no such thing as so called “we are a family”, “the employees are the #1 asset”, “without you (employee) the company does not exist”, “we focus on value and loyalty” etc.,  

The reality is that without customers you (employees) are nothing. Without the company you are nothing. Without the boss, you are nothing. As an employee, you are at the bottom of the food chain.  You are the last one come in and the first one goes out if anything happens. It just depends on which one of you goes out first.

You may not agree with me, but see what happened this time in the market. When there are no customers, who are out of the door first? When the profit margin is low and revenue is low, who are out of door first? When you get much older than others and they are much younger and faster, who got fired first? When you are paid more than younger staff and they are just as capable as you, who gets fired first? When you have a supervisor, who gets fired first? Last but not least, who got fired first, your boss's business partners or you?

If you think the employees are the most important, you have been seriously brainwashed. Unfortunately most of people believe it even if they got fired.

Jobs have no security!

The business owners own the company: he hires you to do work, if he has to protect his interest, the bottom line, and if he has to fire you to do so, you are out of the door in no time. There is nothing to discuss and no such thing as loyalty. Company does not owe you anything. Company has compensated you fairly on the wages they pay you for the hours and skills you contributed. You never contribute financially to the company and company has nothing to owe you either.

This may sound cruel to my old friend, but it is time to wake up and smell the coffee.

There are many options you can choose and do now. It is a turning point in life and I believe it is a good one. Try something new, start a home based business, internet business or maybe monetize your hobby. My friend Sigrid McNab has written some articles about various home based businesses people can try, go check it out.

It is time for a change, I once heard from Jim Rohn, “Wages makes a living, business makes a fortune.” If you are relying on wages, you are accepting what the risks associated with it.

Jim also said, “Work harder on yourself than on your job.  You will never be free if you only work hard on your job but not yourself.  

Start something for yourself once, invest in yourself by acquiring new knowledge, new skills and apply to the new adventure.

Reinvent yourself.    I have done it, so can you.  Why stuck with a plan that never works. You have the ability to create a Plan B.

Good luck to my friend and many like him.

Peng Teo

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Mistletoe, Kiss, Network Marketing


Mistletoe, kiss and network marketing.  Why do people kiss under the mistletoe?

I don’t think a majority of people knows the reasons or care about the origin of why men and women kiss under the mistletoe.  But a lot of men and women do it simply because it is what they think they supposed to do, maybe it will bring luck, health, love, or happiness.

Maybe it is simply an impulse and fun.

If you want to find out the origin of Mistletoe myth, please check out the Wikipedia-Mistletoe.

However, I have a story to tell. I remember years ago, a group of friends went out to have fun during the Christmas time. One of the girls in our group kissed with a guy under the mistletoe in the entertainment place. When she returned to the table, I asked, “Why do you kiss that guy?”

She responded, “Well, you’re supposed to kiss under the mistletoe. I was always curious about it and wanted to try it.” “But you do not know him.” I said. She said, “I know, but what else is a good reason to kiss a stranger?”

What? You may wonder. 

I asked, “So how did you feel?”

She quieted for a moment, “He has a bad breath!”

Well, it is like in the network marketing business. Many people started the business and never know if it is right for them or why. They started simply because someone tell them a good story of someone got cured from the company’s products, or someone makes $60,000 the first year in this business, or maybe someone retires after 3 years in the business, and sitting on the beach sipping the Pina Colada with a little colorful umbrella in it, a new lifestyle, or simply…

Whatever it is, most of the people get into the network marketing have no solid reason of WHY.

They do not have a solid “why”.

They do not really know what they want.

They do not know what it takes to get what they want.

Therefore, when some obstacles show up along the journey, they complain, they whine, they blame and eventually give up.

They have a bad taste of network marketing business, so they think network marketing is a scam, a pyramid, it never works, and people lie to them.

If anyone wants to kiss under the mistletoe, like my friend, I suggest she first chooses a right person or a partner she likes to kiss. This will result the kiss be more enjoyable and leave a great feeling and memory, and maybe turn into an unforgettable love story and beautiful ending.  

IF anyone wants to start a network marketing business must do the same. Take some time to understand yourself and recognize what you want and what you are passionate about. Then choose the right company to partner with. I believe this will give you a delightful start of your network marketing career.

If you are contemplating to start a network Marketing business, please refer to my 5 Golden Rules to choose the best company that work for you. This is how I got here today. This is a critical step to start a business.

I believe if you know what you want to accomplish, what you are passionate about, what you are willing to do to be successful, you will have bright future in the network marketing business. The same criteria applies to many things you do in life and you will enjoy a pleasant journey to success.

Wish you a wonderful journey after that Kiss under the Mistletoe.

Merry Christmas and Abundant Success,

Peng Teo

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